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Arizona Department of Water Resources Data

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  Collection Committees

WRDC Committees

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  Collection Guidelines and Standards

Guidelines and standards for the WRDC

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  Collection Meetings

Meeting agendas, notes, handouts, and presentations for WRDC meetings

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  Weblog WRDC Blog

Water Resources Development Commission Weblog

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  Calendar WRDC Calendar

Meeting calendar for all of WRDC meetings

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  Discussion WRDC Discussion

WRDC Discussion

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  Wiki WRDC How To Use Docushare

How to tips for using this docushare site

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  URL WRDC Meetings Schedule

Schedule of all of the full Commission meetings.

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  URL WRDC Members

WRDC roster of members as of 3/26/2012

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  URL WRDC Mission

Water Resources Development Commission's Mission Statement

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  Document WRDC Overview.pdf

Overview of the mission of WRDC

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  URL WRDC Working Group Schedules

Working Group and Subcommittee schedules and meeting handouts

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  Document WRDC Workplan.pdf

Workplan for the WRDC

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